30 Day Challenge-Day 22

Day 22 - Anything you want to post about

I’mma post about my day! Hella crazy day!

First,my friend,@devanicole97, and I went to go see Boo Boo Stewart and we were hella stalkish yo! HAHA! But he smiled and waved at us and I swear I couldn’t breathe when he did that!! AHAHAH! So we walked around the mall for a few hours then I left. Picked up my grandma from the airport..went home for like 5mins..then it was time for *drum roll* JRA SOUNDCHEECKKK!!! HELL YEAHHH!! It was fucking amazing!! I was sooo happy I went! So I walked into West High there was kinda a long line but when my bro and I got to our seats I told him that I was gonna go buy a shirt. Sooo I bought a “Love JB” shirt. No “JB” does not stand for Justin Bieber..in this case..it stands for “Love JESSE BARRERA!!” :D Then it was time for da show!! Traphik (aka TimothyDeLaGhetto) came out and did a little intro! Man this guy! He’s hella funny! When someone would compliment him he would say the same thing back! Like if someone yelled out,”YOU’RE HOT!!!” He would be like,”Oh you’re hot too!” AHAHAH! So after Traphik did a little intro,special performers came and performed. First were these two girls named, Adriana and Mikee (I think lol) performed and they did a little medley thing. Then was a hella awesome girl,I think her name is Lucy? and damn this girl got voice!!! Hella awesome! Last but not least was Francis! Damn I love his songs! He sang his originals,”What They Say” and “My Heart To Keep” he forgot his lyrics on one of his songs but it’s okay! It was cute! Hehe! Then after the special performers was..Jesse Barrera! He sang 3 songs I can’t remember all of them but I remember one he sang was,”Tangled Up” (<—Fav. song by him lol!) then after Jesse was..Traphik rapping!! He rapped his originals,”Hey Selena Gomez” and “First Asian Boy” after Traphik was..Andrew Garcia! He did some covers and damn was he AMAZING! Then I think after Andrew was Leejay Abucayan! I never heard of this guy but damn did he amaze me!! He beatbox and I was like,”DAMNNN YOOO!!!” Plus he’s hella funny! LOL! After beatboxing,Leejay told someone to come out and it was…PASSION!!!! But Passion had to do some fixing with his piano so Leejay told us some pick up lines lol! He called out Jesse to be “his girl” and Leejay said,”Okay first you knee the girl in the stomach” and Jesse got scared for a second cuz Leejay almost hit him THERE lol! and then Leejay said,”After you knee her you say,’hey girl..I just need you!”” AHAHAHAHAH Damn I thought that was hella funny! So after all that Passion and Leejay did a hella awesome collab! I loved it lol! Then Passion sang 3 songs they were,”Lemonade”,”Well Done” (<—almost made me cry!!) then another song about long distance relationships but I can’t remember the name D: After Passion was..JR AQUINO!!! Man I love his voice! He’s funny too! LOL! He sang his originals,”Take My Hand” and “By Chance (You and I)” Then his cousin requested a song and he was like,”I don’t do requests because you’re my cousin!!” and then his auntie yelled,”HOY! WHAT ABOUT YOUR AUNTIE?!!!??!” Omg! It was fricken HILARIOUS!!! JR then yelled out,”AUNTTIIIEEEEE!!!!!” ahaha! It was soooo funny! Then JR said,”Okay you guys..I have a special guest..he’s amazing at singing….BRUNO MARS COME ON OUT!!!” But he was just jking ahahaha! It was funny! Sooo Andrew Garcia came out and JR and him did a cover of,”Somebody To Love” by Justin Bieber. Then JR and Traphik did a medley. Then JR said,”Since AJ Rafael couldn’t be here Jesse and I will make a cover of their song ‘She Was Mine’ so make sure ya’ll record this and upload this on Youtube so AJ can watch it!” So EVERYONE was recording! (Too bad my camera didn’t have anymore memory -______-) Then for the last song, Traphik,JR,Jesse,Leejay,Passion,and Andrew came out sat at the end of the stage and sang,”Sunday Morning” Best way to end the show! Then after the show there was a meet and greet! Too bad I left though -______-. But this was the best day EVER!!! It was totally memorable!

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